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Natalie Alane

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  Lawyer Natalie Alane | Top Attorney Family   Lawyer Natalie Alane | Lawyer Appeals Natalie brings her education, training, experiences, and life lessons to bear in her passionate work as a family law practitioner, mediator, and appell… Read More
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Mary Chartier

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A “pitbull in high heels” and “Mike Tyson in the courtroom” are just a few of the names that clients have given Mary over the years. Mary’s advocacy skills are the result of years of experience litigating serious and com… Read More
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Michael F. Cavanagh

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The longest serving appellate jurist in Michigan’s history, retired Justice Michael F. Cavanagh joined Alane & Chartier, P.L.C., after 32 years of service on the Michigan Supreme Court. Cavanagh received his B.A. from the University of Detroit… Read More
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Takura Nyamfukudza

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In addition to his bowtie, Takura’s trademark is that he respects every person he represents. He truly believes that defending people’s rights in the courtroom is his life’s calling. He is a passionate criminal defense litigator who has enjoyed… Read More
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Anthony Palmer

Anthony is A&C’s resident quilter, chef, and clothing designer extraordinaire. A native Lansingite with over 25 years of experience in customer service, Anthony is personally responsible for the white-glove service that A&C provides to ever… Read More
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Kim Thelen

Kim has a passion for the law and excels at working with people. Not only is Kim a true team player, but she is also a born leader. She has spent years helping people lead healthier lives as a fitness instructor, including teaching kick boxing! Kim h… Read More
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Kate Tooman

When not task-mastering in the office, Kate can be found outdoors in northern Michigan, enjoying the beauty of the Au Sable River and majestic pines. Kate will go anywhere on a kayak, having recently traded in the power of a boat for the power of her… Read More
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Lizzy Cary

A ball of boundless energy, Lizzy is A&C’s resident Tigger. Lizzy brings her optimism, positivity, and friendly nature to work with her every day, where clients experience first-hand her kindness and genuine care for their needs. Lizzy loves te… Read More
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Kaitlyn Cox

Never one to turn down a challenge, Kaitlyn’s love of adventure extends from extreme sports to travel to higher education to volunteerism. Kaitlyn’s passion for people and belief in conquering obstacles through teamwork has taken her throughout t… Read More
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Eric Lore

Eric Lore chose to focus on family law in order to help guide people through one of the most challenging and difficult periods of their lives. Eric strives to objectively analyze each case, carefully explain the process, and help the client to make i… Read More
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